Dhi-Qar Province (Nassiriyah)

It is located in the south of Iraq ,it is about 360 km away from Baghdad on Euphrates river , named by this name after the battle of Dhi-Qar between Persians and Arabs before Islam which had happened there ,It includes many tribes from urban and Bedouin in addition to Arabs of marshes and Kurds, In this area the first civilizations had been established ,which return to Ubaid Civilization 7000 BC when Sumerians and Acadians lived here , The Prophet Ibraham was born . It has 12 districts like ,Al-Nasyria ,Al-Shatra ,Al-Batha ,Souk Al-Shiuk ,Al-Rifai ,al-Chibaish, Qalat Sukar,Al-Dawaia ,Al-Garaf ,Al-Islah ,Said- Dakheel and Al-Fohood .It is famous of many dishes like al- Masmota ,its the bacon,The southern regions have been famous for a long time.

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It is about 40 km at the west of Nassiyria city , The first modern city in the history of human beings , returns to five thousand years BC .

Marshes Martyrs Monument

It is one of landmarks of the province ,it is located in Al-Chibaish area with about 60 km away ,It was built in 2008 AD ,it symbolize to the martyrs of marshes whom killed by the former regime .

The monument
The House of Prophet Ibrahim p.b.u.h.

One of the most important archeological sites in the province ,it is located close to Ur ziggurat , built about six thousands years BC with bricks in artistically ,It contains rooms and halls ,equipped with sewers to drain rain water , these sewers are one of the secrets of the place ,It was discovered by British committee who came to excavate headed by Livan Doli when he succeeded to read a tablet written in Aramaic ,the name of Prophet Ibraham .

The House of Abraham
The Marshes

Nassyria has many marshes which are considered the most important natural and tourist sites in the southern area , The natural pool for Tigris and Euphrates ,they were formed thousands years ago like Al-Hammar ,Al-Fohood ,Al-Adil and Al-Chibaish marshes ,the last one is considered the most important marsh in the area which is gets its water from Tigris and Euphrates .It has many types of birds like Khudari and Azraki in addition to water hens and Al-Nawras and Al-Rakawi , many kinds of fish like Khishni,Samti ,Shalk in addition to many types of plants like reeds and papyrus .

The marshes
Ziggurat of Ur

It is one of the oldest temples in Iraq ,it is about 40 km to the west of Al-Nassyria city 340 km away from south of Baghdad ,it was built by the founder of Third dynasty of Ur , the greatest king,in 2050 BC ,it is a proof that people at that time believed in religions and they effected on them .