Al-Qadisiyah Province (Diwania)

It is one of the middle Euphrates provinces, with an area of 1111 km2 ,its administrative borders are ,Babel and Wasit north ,Dhi Qar and Wasit east ,Al-Mothana from the south and Najaf from the west ,its center is Al-Diwania city ,a branch of Euphrates river pass through the city known as Al-Hilla river and when it passes through Al-Diwania named as Al-Diwania river .it has four main districts ,Al-Diwania ,Al-Shamia ,Ifak ,Al-Hamza .The province is famous for its agricultural products such as rice ,barely ,watermelon and dates ,as for the industry ,it has a spinning and weaving factory and poultry fields and artificial lakes for fish farming .

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Nippur city

Nippur city Nippur was the religious capital of Sumerians and Babylonians ,it is about 7 km to the north –east of Afak city which is about 175 km away from Baghdad on the right bank of the old Euphrates and eastern bank of drained river of Nile , its holiness comes from being the religious capital and the seat of God Inlil or Ain- lel and his wife Ninlil ,it was mentioned in the epic of Gilgamesh ,that he was the one who made the flood ,and it is the seat of God Ano who was mentioned in Hammurabi Codes ,the excavation works started here in 1889 AD by Peterson and then by Hinz in 1893 AD who showed the landmarks of city and its Ziggurat .

Nippur city