Al-Muthana Province (Samawa)

It is one of southern Iraqi provinces ,and one of the middle Euphrates provinces ,It occupies an area of about 51000 km2 , making it the second largest province in Iraq , after Al- Anbar it is bounded by Al-Najaf , Al-Diwanya from the north , Saudia Arabia from the south and by Dhi-Qar from the east ,It has the most ancient civilization in the world ,with a history dating back to 7 thousands years ,the old city was established in the fifth century BC .Al- Muthana is well known as an agricultural city whose , most important crops are wheat ,barley and rice ,It is surrounded by palm groves .The province consists of five districts (Samawah,Al-Khidir,Al-Rumaitha ,Al-Salaman,Al-Warka ) ,it is famous for producing the best kind of dates Dueto the nature of land , the province produces large quantities of salt. Samawah is also famous for its Badia(desert) , which includes many types of birds, So it becomes the site of many seasonal visits for hunting enthusiasts from the Gulf to hunt rare birds like Houbara, Sandgrouse , Qual, wild ducks and wild rabbits by using trained hunting falcons. Accordingly , tourism in Al- Muthana flourishes during the hunting season.

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Uruk (Al-Warka city)

Uruk (Al-Warka city) It is an archeological Sumerian city, which is about 15 km to the north of Samawah. It consists of a series of hills occupying about 6,5 km. It is one of most important cities in ancient history, where the first type of writing. It was in this city where, Cuneiform writing was invented, the epic of Gilgamesh. It was in the most ancient epics in history, was written, Etymologically speaking. It is started that the name of Iraq has been derived from the name of this city.

Uruk city