Wasit Province (Al Kut)

Wasit Province It is located in the middle of Iraq, was built by al-Hajaj al-Thaqafi in 78AH and finished in 86 AH to make it a headquarters for his soldiers .Kut is the current center for Wasit ,which is characterized by the fact that it is in the form of peninsula surrounded by water from three directions ,east ,west and south ,it is about 180 km north of Baghdad and linking it with south of Iraq .It includes Al-Kut Dam which was built by the people of province under the supervision of British in 1938 ,it is bounded by Dyala province from Eastern north and by Mesan province from Eastern south and Dhi-Qar from Western south a long of Al-Garaf river ,on the parallel of land road connected to Dhi-Qar province .Al-Kut has many districts like Al-Kut,Al- Sawira ,Al-Nomania ,Al-Azizia ,Al-Hay and Badra .The province is famous for production of foodstuffs especially grains such as ,wheat ,barley sesame ,dates and also has fish wealth .

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