Diyala Province

Located at the east of Iraq , Baquba is its center it is about 57km away from Baghdad to the north .Dyala river passes through it then pours in Tigris ,it is famous in agriculture specially citrus fruits ,it has many districts like Baladrose and Al-Mokdadia which is known for planting pomegranate ,and Kanageen district ,and many other townships like Mandili and Kazania which is close to borders .It is famous with its series of Mountains like (Himreen Mountains )and many dams like Dyala and Himreen dams,in addition to Himreen Lake on Dyala river and it has social and cultural extension through the ages.

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The Alwand bridge

The Alwand brigd is one of the archaeological monuments in the city of Khanaqin, as it is located in the middle of the city and connects the eastern and western banks of the Helwan River.

Historical bridge