Basra is Iraq's main port, although it does not have deep water access, which is handled at the port of Umm Qasr. The city is one of the ports from which the fictional Sinbad the Sailor journeyed.

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Adam’s Tree

Adam’s Tree

Adam’s Tree
Al Khatwat Imam Ali Mosque

The Imam Ali MosqueArabic or the Old Mosque of Basra is the first mosque built in Basra, Iraq and among the oldest mosques in the history of Islam.

Old minaret
Qurna (Meeting point of Tigris and Euphrates)

Garden of Edin

Garden of Edin
Saddam’s Palace

Saddam’s Palace in Basra

Saddam’s yacht
Shanashil houses (Old Basra)

Al-Shanasheel buildings are a unique and important cultural and social physical heritage landmark of the city of Basra. This style of construction has historical roots that simulate the ancient Iraqi civilization. However, they are now threatened to become extinct as a result of several reasons, including the immigration of their original owners because of the wars and economic problems witnessed by the city. Nevertheless, Basra still has residential neighborhoods that retain their original Al- Shanasheel that date back to the Ottoman age, as well as Al-Shanasheel houses that belong to subsequent eras, which are an extension of the architectural and decorative styles of the past eras. From this perspective, this study is conducted to shed light on this physical style that reflects the clear understanding of the habitants of the city and the parameters of their geographical environment in its various elements that are reflected on the physical form of Al- Shanasheel buildings, passing through etymology and the buildings’ styles over various periods of the history of the city. The study relied on several resources and journals, perhaps the most important of which are the excavations, drawings, and the shapes included in them.

Old house
Souk Al Samak (Fish Market)

Old fish market

Fish market in Basra