Amedi (or Amadiya) is an ancient town, built on a mesa in the broader Great Zab river valley.

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Amedi (also Amadiya, Amedya) is built on a mesa in the broader Great Zab river valley. The name Amadiya is eponymous to Imad al-Din Zengi who built a fortress there in 1142.

Bahdinan Gate

The Bahdinan Gate is also called Sipna Gate, Mosul Gate, Western Gate or just the Old Gate.

Old gate
Gali Seprka

Gali seprka is great place for hiking, picnicking and swimming.

Gali seprka
Gali sheran river

Gali sheran river is considering the most beautiful river in Kurdistan. Here can go for swimming and hiking.

Swimming at Gali sheran river
Kurdistan Mural

Massive mural spanning ~300m (1,000ft) celebrating the brave Peshmerga, keeping Iraqi Kurdistan safe.

Ey Reqîb! O Enemy!
Saddam Hussein's Summer Palace

It's estimated that dictator Saddam Hussein built 8o-100 palaces during his 24 year reign. Billions of dollars were spent on lavish structures with gold and marble fittings (no expense spared). They were seen as an expression of his power and authority over Iraq. There was a Saddam Hussein palace built in every town of prominence across Iraq.

Private lake built for Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein's Winter Palace

Definitely the only palace built for Saddam Hussein with the finest views, known as the “bird's nest”, and is perched atop Gara mountain. It was looted like all others in Kurdistan after the first Gulf War in March 1991. Only traces of the Italian marble and Siena green tile remain.

Govand at the palace in winter
View point of Amedi

View point of the city

Amedi city