Kirkuk is home to a diverse population of Turkmens, Arabs, and Kurds. Kirkuk sits on the ruins of the original Kirkuk Citadel, which sits near the Khasa River.

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Kirkuk Castle

Kirkuk Castle It is located in the center of Kirkuk ,It is one of the four main gates located in the western faced of Kirkuk , and is considered the oldest part of the city, overlooking Kasa river , it is the only remaining gate of the four main gates , it is the only one that has remained preserved its current form dates back to more than 150 years .

Kirkuk castle
The Shrine of Prophet Daniel

It is located in Kirkuk castle ,one of Jewish temples ,according to historians, its building time returns to 2700 years BC ,it contains three shrines of prophets (Honain,Uzair ,Mishael),it is important to the people who live around it especially prophet Daniel ,so that people bury their dead in a cemetery located near the shrine, which considered the oldest one in Kirkuk .

The shrine of prophet Daniel