The city, best known as the location of the Battle of Karbala in 680 CE, or the shrines of Imam Husayn and Abbas, is considered a holy city for Shia Muslims, in the same way as Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem.

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Al Tar caves

On the right side of the road leading to the district of Ayn al-Tamur, 45 km southwest of Karbala, visitors come across a number of valleys with caves in them. These caves occupy a significant part of the Iraqi desert. The name ‘al-Tar’ literary meaning ‘mountain’ and also refers to the natives of these lands. Professor Hedo Fuji, head of the Japanese archaeological expedition who is in charge of excavations in the caves of al-Tar, said in his report that the caves date back to ancient times.

كهوف الطار
Al Ukhaidir castle

Al-Ukaidir Fortress It is an ancient castle located at the Southwest of Karbala ,about 50 km away and about 192 km away from Southwest of Baghdad ,it is one of most important Islamic archeological sites which is still standing , one of most attractive tourist destinations in the middle east ,It is unique in its elegance and amazing engineering ,it is got this name because of greenness of the ground above it .

Al Ukhaidir castle
AlUkaiser church or Cesar church

AlUkaiser church or Cesar church It is an archeological church ,about 70 km away from the city in the heart of western Badia of Karbala ,it is about 5km away from Al-Ukaidr Fortress ,it was built in the fifth century AD .it is located in the desert of Ain –Tamr ,it is characterized of existence Aramaic writings ,It is distinguished by the presence of Aramic writing ,in addition to the altar which directed toward al-Quds .

Al Ukaiser Church
Imam Al Abbas shrine

ImamAl-Abbas BinAliBinAbi-Talib,hismotherAmAlbaneen , he is known as Abo Al – Al Fadhal and Qamar Bani-Hashim and Al-Alalqami hero for his beauty and braveness p.b.u.them was born in 26 AH and died in 61 AH , ,he was martyred before his brother Al-Hussein in Al-Taff battle in 61 AH ,it was built on his tomb ,a dome known recently as Al-Abbas shrine ,it is located in the northeast of Imam Hussein shrine about 300 m away ,the shrine includes Al-Kafeel museum ,which contains valuable antiquities.

Imam Abbas
Imam Husain shrine

Imam Hussain shrine It is the place where Imam Hussein Bin Ali ( peace upon them) was buried in it after the battle of Al-Taff in 61 AH and many people of Muslims especially Shea come to visit it and get his blessings .There is a dome over the shrine with about 37 m height which is covered from up to down with gold ,the dome is surrounded by tow golden minarets consist of about 8024 bricks .The shrine is located in the center of Karbala ,the shrine includes the tomb of Imam Hussein ( peace upon them) and it is surrounded by many graves of his followers who were killed with him like Abrahim Al-Mojab ,Habeeb Bin Modahir ,Al-Qassim Bin Al-Hassan ,the Ali Alakber Bin Al-Imam Al-Hussein( peace upon them).